We’re only finite humans with measured destinies;

looking for something to fill in the breaches.

A great big world and we find solace in people.

You said when you saw me, you knew.

You knew my eyes couldn’t contain my soul.

It wasn’t for everyone you were the only peculiar one, took the time to count all my facades.

When I was smiling at the world, you sat back collecting the shattered pieces of me.

And when I came home I proudly showed you the cracks in my armour.

You ran your hands over them, mending the ones inside.

In between your arms I felt the galaxy kissing me.



Watching him sleep, I feel him breathing.

I couldn’t put a finger on when I fell back into dreaming.

He is the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ of songs. Grows on you with time, not at once.

Not the one you’ll love at first sight, someone you remember in your serenity.

Think of him in the depths of my despair, not all had sanity.

Eluding your flaws, I couldn’t see past the fog.

Even after cutting through the layers, I still saw brick walls.

But the recklessness bit into my daze and woke me up.

Months after and I’m still stuck with only the memory of you.