Brightest in the room, I saw his face.

Darkest orbs of all, deeper than the daze.

He being the morning, his eyes were midnight.

I could tell, they’d been through some tough times.

But when those eyes landed on me, they managed to bring out the sunshine in me.

The soul that had shone only at night, fluttered out in the sky.

Through the roof went the inhibitions, laughter was the new limitation.

Nocturnal, both of us, had only known gloom.

Only with each other, the hues inside could bloom.



I fell in love with the dark, the day it befriended me. 

It saw through me, a person I wanted to be. 

Something I truly was but couldn’t really show, 

Something I hid from the day, I couldn’t put forth. 

The night, a mirror, reflecting my fears. 

The night, deep, introspecting my beliefs.

The dark, my friend, sitting by me through pain. 

My lover, kissing away the same. 

Graceful, intriguing, everything you are, became my motivation. 

More than a fellow-traveler, now you are my inspiration.